Sunday, April 09, 2006

Long time no blog

Bonjour everyone.

Okay so this is the first post in a long time and I aplogise for that. I haven't put anything up because I don't have much to say, as all I ever do is work at the moment. And unfortunately I am not just employing the superlative to add emphasis; I get up in the morning shower and eat my breakfast, get to the library for 9.30am work until 10.30-11pm and go home. Sometimes, if I'm feeling adventurous I will make my dinner before I go to bed but sometimes not. Oh yes everyone, this is the life of a Canadian BK1.

The things of interest that I have to tell you about are:

The Colloquium - which is just a fancy name for an afternoon of presentations. I spoke about the connection between bpNichol's Selected Organs and organ transplant recipients, incorporating a little bit of cyborgian politics along the way. Whilst this may sound bizarre it was a really good day and I was on a panel with Dave (oh the irony) because we were both talking about "literature and the body." My paper was very well received but I shall wait and see about the marks. Keep your fingers crossed.

And come to think of it that's about the only interesting thing I've done recently! Blimey I'm boring. I have learnt a lot about globalisation recently because I'm writing an essay on it in relation to a book called Salt Fish Girl. I did meet the author of that novel, Larissa Lai, which was actually very interesting and she was also really cool. Intellectually, I have a lot more to say but in terms of being a normal person with a life...not so much. I went to the pub the other day and had a 45 minute conversation about sharpening heads (thankyou Scott) but again, that also came about because of university work.

So, in conclusion, I have no life outside of my university work. This has only affirmed what I already knew.

I hope you are well and a special get well soon to my mom who broke her ankle in 2 (maybe 3) places yesterday.
Much love from Guelph that is beginning to be green again,
Beckie -x-

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Beckie is 22 and 60!

The primping party at Katherine's house where my hair became straight, I finally decided on a skirt, & I realised that Fiona looks awesome in that dress!

My birthday party was a large affair that should have been shared with Monica. Unfortunately she couldn't make it and we all missed her on the dance floor. The evening had a 1960s theme which is why we all look a little strange in the pictures. The day began at Value Village as Megan Fay, Dave, Matt Rea and I tried to find some groovy bargains - which we did, as well as some hideous outfits: red, lycra, feathered catsuit anybody?! I decided that I needed a different top and went on an epic mission to find something. At 5.30 and Katherine's primping party drawing ever nearer I finally found something suitable in the mall, and it was half price - hurrah. Many thanks to Matt who gave me a lift back home so I could make it on time for my own party! Here is the photographic evidence of the good time had by all...
The ladies line up
Dave as a mod, Matt as a nerd (it was a costume honestly!)
A tribute to Fiona's photo face
No, they are not the Brady Bunch.
The cake, which we kept on eating whilst in Ottawa. Many thanks again to Laura and Katherine for their chocolately creation.
The ladies of the cake.

To the left: Value Village triumphs again.
Below: Mods rule, so do polyester shirts, 99 cents earrings, and tops with holes!

Pat for me was THE best dressed person, whilst the ever-glamorous Julie looked scarily like Jackie O.
I have no idea what we were doing here.
Big hugs all round.
So cute and with good hair.

Justin (a.k.a John Lennon) and Fiona (a.k.a scary photo face)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Ottawa goodness

This post actually works backwards chronologically because the pictures you see first are the places we went to last. So Laura (a.k.a Planders) very kindly let myself, Dave and Megan Fay stay in her house for four days. The Ottawa trip started as it went on - with food (a lot of it). We stuffed ourselves silly, sang at the top of voices (much to Dave's distress) and had lots of fun on the way. A special thanks to Laura's parents for their hospitality and pancakes! It was an awesome couple of days where we discovered certain things: Dave is actually quite good at darts, Megan Fay can eat a suprising amount of food for someone so small, and Laura is quite happy to eat tabulee (sp?) with coffee in it. Thanks for a great couple of days y'all.
The First Nations statue in the Musem of Civilisations.
The Musem of Civilisations designed not to have any straight lines - it looks great. The Parliament buildings are in the background.
Dave and I on the bridge between Ottawa and Quebec.
Laura, Megan Fay and I on the bridge between the capital and the French part of Canada.
Our attempt to become the poster girls for this Italian store - it smelt sooooooo good inside.
The ladies in the street (but not of the street!)
Laura and I in the Peace Tower in the Parliament Building. This tower is modelled on Westminster Tower in London and it even has a Big Ben style clock (and yes I know it's the bells that are called Big Ben, not the clock itself).
Inside the Parliament Buildings next to the Senate which looks a lot like the House of Lords. Dave purposefully took a picture of our dear queen to prove his Britishness and make his mother disown him. On the ceiling of this hall there are stained-glass emblems for all the different parts of Canada.
The Parliament building itself and the all important Canadian flag.
MF, Planders and DJ Croft in front of one of the original parliament builidings. The one with the Peace Tower was destroyed by fire, except for the library.
BK1, Magma and Sanders try not to look too cold.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Goodbye Grandad

I haven't updated my Blog for a while because I received some sad news over the weekend. Unfortunately my Grandad Frank, my Dad's Dad, had a heart attack on Friday and died on Saturday. I am not going home for the funeral, but I am going to write something to be read out during the service which will take place on Monday 6th February.

I just want to say a big thankyou to everyone who has been there for me during this difficult period. Special thanks to Dave who wiped away my tears and held me close. I also want to say thank you to my parents and sister who have kept in touch and looked out for me, even though they are so far away and dealing with their own grief.

For anyone reading this who knew my Grandad, I want you to remember the smiles he bought to your faces. I will always think of him with a full head of hair, as Gemma and I plaited and combed it whilst he sat there very patiently. May you find peace Grandad, as all those left behind remember you.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Things that have amused me this week...

The following things have kept me enterained this week, they are in no particular order, but they are great. Enjoy:

1) Matt Rea: Who would win in the "who's more British award" out of Beckie and Dave? Well, I think Beckie has the better accent.
BK1: Yes!

2) Thomas King (eminent writer and our graduate seminar tutor): The best people in the world don't win the literary prizes, you know the ones who, like me, are generous, talented...
Jeremy: And devilishly handsome?

3) Pat (whilst speaking to the people who are formualting the MFA in Creative Writing at Guelph-Humber): You have to find something that troubles your comfortable spot
BK1: Pat you must write that down and show it to Tom King.

4) Dave getting 95, yes that's 95, on his Chaucer essay - well done Croft.

5) Tessa finally being able to contact me and say that Alice has a new boyfriend, and his name is Bhav! Look out world, the cutest couple ever is heading your way.

6) Nearly finishing decorating my room. Pictures will follow shortly.

7) Jenn and I discovering Aviators in Jermey's apartment and wearing them when it was raining; we also danced in them.

8) Seeing what Fiona meant when she said that she shouldn't paint her apartment whilst under the influence of alcohol.

9) The chair of happiness (both metaphoric and literal)

10) Laura's epic story which she has yet to write, but that was recounted to me over MSN whilst I read the most boring essay about Cosmopolitanism. Hurrah for fantasy/ magic realism/ Laura's imagination.

Special mention has to go to Hip Hop Jazz, the dance class that I will (hopefully) be taking every Monday throughout the term. My fellow hip-hoppers are Jenn, Roni, Katherine, Fiona, Laura and Megan-Fay; we are bootylicious, although I'm pretty sure the mean dance teacher doesn't agree!
Fiona: Can we just do that move again please?
Mean and perfectly proportioned dance teacher (whose name I've forgotten/erased from my brain): Is that because you are unco-ordinated?!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Drunken behaviour

Katherine and I shake our thangs
Dave, Justin and the drink on my top
Cindy, Katherine, Dave W and I before the drinks hit.

So it was Friday, and there was dancing and alcohol... and then there was carnage. I don't really know what else to tell you apart from how great the MA SETS program people are - they even laughed at a really bad joke about David Hasselhoff (sp?), including Matt Rae who now believes only the women in England are witty.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Courses so far

Unfortunately this post doesn't have a picture but I'm sure there are more than of them in the MA Prom section!
I thought that I should let you know about how my first week in Guelph has gone... Well it's so far so good, especially concerning the academic side. I have been to four courses this week, one of which will only last for another 2 weeks because it is classified as a "module" of a course that runs throughout the year. But the profs, the structure of the courses and the expectations are just so much more exciting than last year in general (obviously there were a few exceptions to that rule last year) but I feel like I am spoilt for choice :) My module is about Mexican American or Chicano writers and there is passion in what is being taught - hurrah. One of my other courses is the fabulous creative writing class with Thomas King who is a very well-known Canadian author, but also a really nice guy who doesn't seem to have any pretentions (so slightly different from the Warwick writing tutors!) and he has also made me passionate about my MA: a minor miracle. My other course was then a choice between 19th century print culture run by a lovely Scottish prof, and a course entitled diaspora and globalisation (post-colonial) taught by a lovely Greek prof - it was difficult to decide but I have gone with the post-colonial because it interests me more. So I'm feeling positive, so much so in fact that I joined a dance class today with 4 of the people from my program: watch out hiphop jazz Megan-Fay, Fiona, Laura, Jen and I are coming to shake our asses - bring it on.
I would also like to say a big thankyou to everyone who has posted so far, I'm really really pleased with the amount of messages on the blog as they give me a warm fuzzy feeling when I read them. ttfn.