Saturday, December 31, 2005

A whole new world

Hey y'all. After many complaints that I haven't been keeping in touch enough whilst in Canada, I have decided to set up this blog. It is better than group emails because I can upload photographs easily, and it also means that I can begin the much requested "photo diary" of my life in Guelph. I hope you enjoy what you see and let me know what you are up to by either e-mailing or posting comments on Take care x.


Anonymous Janet Knight said...


5:55 am  
Blogger Kevin Knight said...

Hi BK1.
Great idea.
Make sure you keep it upto date!!

12:46 pm  
Anonymous Uncle Colin Stoker said...

You young one's know all about this interweb thing. I just cant keep up with all this modern technology.I thought a Blog was a place where you went to the toilet.
Or is that a Bog.Cant remember .Think I am getting old.

Looks Great anyway -keep it up(your doing very well)

5:21 pm  
Anonymous Jana said...

Happy New Year Beckie

Great to read all your news and hear about your adventures, am so jealous you are residing in the fantastic Canada although Wales does a good job in Mountains and scenery too.

Have fun, take care and keep smiling, Love

Jana, Ben, Finlay & Ole xxxx

8:21 am  
Blogger BK1 said...

Hello everybody, thankyou so much for responding to this blog and leaving commments. A special mention to Jana (how is Wales treating you) and my Uncle Col who I'm sure will call me a tax-dodger for doing my MA. Keep on replying and I will speak to you soon. x

2:21 pm  
Anonymous Suzanne said...

Hey Bec! Glad to know you've gone!Only joking hunny! Funny how I'm missing you already! Only saw you for about 10 minutes on you doorstep when you came back! Will have to do better when you're back again!Great blog thingy! Lovin the photos!

Love you xxx

4:42 pm  
Anonymous SuZaNnE said...

Well hello there ,
Happy New Year
This blog yolk is a good idea, look forwood to all your updates.
Take care
Suz( another one) XXX

5:22 pm  
Anonymous SuZaNnE said...

Hello my luvely,
Wow two girls with the same name, jus so you u dnt get confused im the one from the monster camp incarnation

5:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Neice.
Glad you got and Dave got back to Guelph safely. It was great to see you. Love the blog. Unc and I will be frequent visitors (to the blog - not Guelph unfortunately). Keep working hard and don't forget to enjoy yourself. Love Auntie Kazza.

3:05 pm  

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