Thursday, January 12, 2006

Courses so far

Unfortunately this post doesn't have a picture but I'm sure there are more than of them in the MA Prom section!
I thought that I should let you know about how my first week in Guelph has gone... Well it's so far so good, especially concerning the academic side. I have been to four courses this week, one of which will only last for another 2 weeks because it is classified as a "module" of a course that runs throughout the year. But the profs, the structure of the courses and the expectations are just so much more exciting than last year in general (obviously there were a few exceptions to that rule last year) but I feel like I am spoilt for choice :) My module is about Mexican American or Chicano writers and there is passion in what is being taught - hurrah. One of my other courses is the fabulous creative writing class with Thomas King who is a very well-known Canadian author, but also a really nice guy who doesn't seem to have any pretentions (so slightly different from the Warwick writing tutors!) and he has also made me passionate about my MA: a minor miracle. My other course was then a choice between 19th century print culture run by a lovely Scottish prof, and a course entitled diaspora and globalisation (post-colonial) taught by a lovely Greek prof - it was difficult to decide but I have gone with the post-colonial because it interests me more. So I'm feeling positive, so much so in fact that I joined a dance class today with 4 of the people from my program: watch out hiphop jazz Megan-Fay, Fiona, Laura, Jen and I are coming to shake our asses - bring it on.
I would also like to say a big thankyou to everyone who has posted so far, I'm really really pleased with the amount of messages on the blog as they give me a warm fuzzy feeling when I read them. ttfn.


Anonymous Oliver said...

Get you eh! Sounds like you're set out there now. Canada sounds awesome and I'll definately inflict myself on that land one day.

Hope you have fun busting a move on dance floors around the city.

Time to get a little bit drunk now in the SU Bar, peace out holmes!

Oli x

2:03 pm  

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