Monday, January 09, 2006

MA Prom

Some people have asked for the pictures from the MA prom which occurred just before I left for Christmas. My date for the evening, the fabulous Tony Berto, decreed that I looked like Xena Warrior Princess - not something I had intended but I will happily accept the compliment. See for yourself...


Blogger JoeBloggs said...

Hey there Brummie abroad, how the heck are yow? Just thought I'd drop you a little message from your bud acorss the pond and let yow know I'm thinking of yow. Currently sat in the old Warwick computer centre of late-night essay cramming fame - bring back any memories?

Looks like you're having a good laugh over there, you lucky moo, glad to see you've found some outrageous friends to make you feel welcome. Best wishes for the New Year.

your mate, Paul

5:37 am  
Blogger BK1 said...

Hey Paulio, great to hear from you my lovely. It's great being out of Brum although yow can't get faggots and peas, and when I say bostin no-one understands. I hope that Warwick is treating you well. I had my first creative writing class today and the prof reminds me of Peter Blegvad sooooo much - never a bad thing. Take care sugar and speak to you soon. x

2:14 pm  
Anonymous Sean said...

Well well, Bekkie does the internet, well done. It all looks like good craic out there. Im going to try and make an effort to see some english camp '03 people this year with better time and money management.
The weather is shite as always so your not missing that much, although the BBC are starting to spit out a few decent TV proggies, and thats alot comin from me.

It's Sean the geordie by the way, i can't be fekked to sign up as a blogger.(just yet.)

5:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiya Beckie, this is a long overdue reply. Great to see you´re nicely settled in and enjoying the experience in Canada.
John, Steve & myself MIGHT be going to go back to SHSH (somewhere different though) this year. Steve doesn´t know yet though!! Keep you posted on that.
All´s well with us here in Reus and from your photos and what you say about Guelph I can see you´re having a good time.
Lots of good wishes & a happy new year.


10:41 am  

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