Saturday, January 21, 2006

Things that have amused me this week...

The following things have kept me enterained this week, they are in no particular order, but they are great. Enjoy:

1) Matt Rea: Who would win in the "who's more British award" out of Beckie and Dave? Well, I think Beckie has the better accent.
BK1: Yes!

2) Thomas King (eminent writer and our graduate seminar tutor): The best people in the world don't win the literary prizes, you know the ones who, like me, are generous, talented...
Jeremy: And devilishly handsome?

3) Pat (whilst speaking to the people who are formualting the MFA in Creative Writing at Guelph-Humber): You have to find something that troubles your comfortable spot
BK1: Pat you must write that down and show it to Tom King.

4) Dave getting 95, yes that's 95, on his Chaucer essay - well done Croft.

5) Tessa finally being able to contact me and say that Alice has a new boyfriend, and his name is Bhav! Look out world, the cutest couple ever is heading your way.

6) Nearly finishing decorating my room. Pictures will follow shortly.

7) Jenn and I discovering Aviators in Jermey's apartment and wearing them when it was raining; we also danced in them.

8) Seeing what Fiona meant when she said that she shouldn't paint her apartment whilst under the influence of alcohol.

9) The chair of happiness (both metaphoric and literal)

10) Laura's epic story which she has yet to write, but that was recounted to me over MSN whilst I read the most boring essay about Cosmopolitanism. Hurrah for fantasy/ magic realism/ Laura's imagination.

Special mention has to go to Hip Hop Jazz, the dance class that I will (hopefully) be taking every Monday throughout the term. My fellow hip-hoppers are Jenn, Roni, Katherine, Fiona, Laura and Megan-Fay; we are bootylicious, although I'm pretty sure the mean dance teacher doesn't agree!
Fiona: Can we just do that move again please?
Mean and perfectly proportioned dance teacher (whose name I've forgotten/erased from my brain): Is that because you are unco-ordinated?!


Anonymous Matt Rea said...

I'm glad I made number one on the list! Oh and good job with this whole blog buisness.

9:11 pm  

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