Saturday, February 25, 2006

Beckie is 22 and 60!

The primping party at Katherine's house where my hair became straight, I finally decided on a skirt, & I realised that Fiona looks awesome in that dress!

My birthday party was a large affair that should have been shared with Monica. Unfortunately she couldn't make it and we all missed her on the dance floor. The evening had a 1960s theme which is why we all look a little strange in the pictures. The day began at Value Village as Megan Fay, Dave, Matt Rea and I tried to find some groovy bargains - which we did, as well as some hideous outfits: red, lycra, feathered catsuit anybody?! I decided that I needed a different top and went on an epic mission to find something. At 5.30 and Katherine's primping party drawing ever nearer I finally found something suitable in the mall, and it was half price - hurrah. Many thanks to Matt who gave me a lift back home so I could make it on time for my own party! Here is the photographic evidence of the good time had by all...
The ladies line up
Dave as a mod, Matt as a nerd (it was a costume honestly!)
A tribute to Fiona's photo face
No, they are not the Brady Bunch.
The cake, which we kept on eating whilst in Ottawa. Many thanks again to Laura and Katherine for their chocolately creation.
The ladies of the cake.

To the left: Value Village triumphs again.
Below: Mods rule, so do polyester shirts, 99 cents earrings, and tops with holes!

Pat for me was THE best dressed person, whilst the ever-glamorous Julie looked scarily like Jackie O.
I have no idea what we were doing here.
Big hugs all round.
So cute and with good hair.

Justin (a.k.a John Lennon) and Fiona (a.k.a scary photo face)


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Anonymous mus said...

Belated happy birthday!

Looks like you're having fun. Went up to Warwick last weekend and saw everyone working on their C20 and S'peare essays and getting baggy eyed because of it. Ah the days...

6:40 pm  
Blogger BK1 said...

Hey Mus,

Your blog amuses me so much. The picture of you and Brian together made my day - it was cheesey goodness. Ah how strange it was to see the old curtain material from the residences. I gotta say it made my stomach jump a little with memories and longing. Also, I'm really pleased to see the new Muslim centre on campus; I always thought the Humanities building was an odd place to have a prayer room! Take care honey and I will speak to you soon. Beckie -x-

9:36 pm  
Anonymous Oliver said...

Looks like an awesome birthday, so still loving life in Canada?

Oli x

11:33 am  

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