Friday, February 24, 2006

Ottawa goodness

This post actually works backwards chronologically because the pictures you see first are the places we went to last. So Laura (a.k.a Planders) very kindly let myself, Dave and Megan Fay stay in her house for four days. The Ottawa trip started as it went on - with food (a lot of it). We stuffed ourselves silly, sang at the top of voices (much to Dave's distress) and had lots of fun on the way. A special thanks to Laura's parents for their hospitality and pancakes! It was an awesome couple of days where we discovered certain things: Dave is actually quite good at darts, Megan Fay can eat a suprising amount of food for someone so small, and Laura is quite happy to eat tabulee (sp?) with coffee in it. Thanks for a great couple of days y'all.
The First Nations statue in the Musem of Civilisations.
The Musem of Civilisations designed not to have any straight lines - it looks great. The Parliament buildings are in the background.
Dave and I on the bridge between Ottawa and Quebec.
Laura, Megan Fay and I on the bridge between the capital and the French part of Canada.
Our attempt to become the poster girls for this Italian store - it smelt sooooooo good inside.
The ladies in the street (but not of the street!)
Laura and I in the Peace Tower in the Parliament Building. This tower is modelled on Westminster Tower in London and it even has a Big Ben style clock (and yes I know it's the bells that are called Big Ben, not the clock itself).
Inside the Parliament Buildings next to the Senate which looks a lot like the House of Lords. Dave purposefully took a picture of our dear queen to prove his Britishness and make his mother disown him. On the ceiling of this hall there are stained-glass emblems for all the different parts of Canada.
The Parliament building itself and the all important Canadian flag.
MF, Planders and DJ Croft in front of one of the original parliament builidings. The one with the Peace Tower was destroyed by fire, except for the library.
BK1, Magma and Sanders try not to look too cold.


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